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Fanarts of butler and Maid anime
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Out of the junk food below, what would you like to eat the most? 

3 deviants said Chocolate Chip Cookies.
3 deviants said Chocolate. All chocolate.
2 deviants said Fried Chicken.
1 deviant said Burritos.
1 deviant said Nachos.
1 deviant said Gourmet Cheeseburgers (i.e. unique ingredients, etc).
1 deviant said Other. What IS your favorite junk food?
No deviants said Devils Food Cake (i.e. all chocolate cake).
No deviants said Fried Twinkies.
No deviants said Frozen yogurt topped with Nutella and different candies.


Dragon Tamer Girl by Twinkiesama
Dragon Tamer Girl
A digital, full-bodied illustration of a character I drew awhile ago. She has a squishy and cute dragon. Heart By the way, the little floating balls are grenades.

This work was painted in Manga Studio 5 EX. 
Black Rock Shooter Lineart by Twinkiesama
Black Rock Shooter Lineart
Lineart I did between comic pages, although I struggled a lot with the gun. I'll eventually color her in on my own later. Drawn with the G-pen tool in Manga Studio 5 EX.

This lineart is free to download and color as long as you credit me.

Finished work
Black Rock Shooter by Twinkiesama 


Moe moe moe
Artist | Digital Art
United States
For me, drawing is NOT a hobby that I merely enjoy. It is what I do to keep myself sane. I'm extremely restless, agitated, and depressed if I'm not drawing 24/7 and uploading finished work daily. In short, being prolific, successful, and respected as an artist is the only thing in life I care about. Your comments, watches, favorites, and constructive criticism mean a lot to me. :)

If you want to commission me, such as drawing a comic, please give me a note. I'm ONLY taking paid work right now, so I will not draw something for free for you aside from quick sketches. Thanks for understanding. Here is my commission info.… I WILL NOT DRAW A MANGA FOR FREE FOR YOU, SO DON'T ASK! Thank you. :)

Other places you can see my stuff on the web.
Smackjeeves profile…

Favourite genre of music: Anime OP themes
Favourite style of art: Besides manga, I like impressionist and fauvist paintings
MP3 player of choice: My ipod broke. :(
Favourite cartoon character: Heh heh heh...masters... <3
Personal Quote: Success is 3% talent, 2% luck, and 95% effort.
Join if you like. :)

Check out this monthly contest!
Contest Announcement: Draw This AgainHey all~! Its Goth-Kath here to announce what you've all been waiting for or didn't know you've been waiting for.
Rising-Artists Next BIG contest~!
Feeling pretty excited? We sure do! Now this contest is all based around the keyword improvement. And therefore we decided to host a "Draw this Again" contest based on the well known and most beloved "Draw this Again" meme by Bampire

Draw YOUR OC ContestSo, the last contest I hosted was for you to draw my OC's and the results were amazing! So I thought to amazing would it be if they drew their own OCs...

So, the theme of this contest is to draw your own OCs! Show me your characters and make me fall in love with them!!

:bulletblue: HOW TO ENTER :bulletblue:
Fave this journal so I know how many are entering
:bulletblue: RULES :bulletblue:
Traditional or Digital works only please. ONLY finished works will be accepted
You can draw as many of your OCs as you want. They can be e exsisting OCs or new ones
They must be YOUR OC's
No bases, photo manipulations, or stories please :hug:
You can submit up to TEN entries but only one can win
No gore, violence, erotic pictures, bondage, or mature stuff

Only artwork made after June 5th will be accepted.
Please keep clothing PG-13
:star: NOTE: I do not know everyone's OCs so add a little bit a

Summer Contest {OPEN-STARTED!}UPDATE 7/1/15-
added redesigns of some character as well as updated references. However, you can still draw them in the old designs if you want
//has started but anyone can join UvU// also if you'd like to contribute a prize or smth I'd pretty much love you forever
I need inspiration like really freaking badly.
So badly.
And while I do love drawing my secondary OCs, I would really like to see them in other forms
Like the ways that you guys draw them. //lame tie in is lame//
So yes, this is a character contest.
These are the characters featured:

Full body referances


Fifth place:

Summer and Swimsuit Contest [6 DAYS LEFT!]New Updated 7/8/2015 - I've added new characters and updated the prizes.
Hello my poptarts. I have been thinking about holding a contest since I haven't gotten a note back for a cute adopt. I am going to take my time typing this journal entry so it can be a "proper" contest journal.
The following contest is a "Draw my OC" where you will draw my original characters.
:star: (The Gray Garden) Yosafire - Intensly Laughing  The theme of the contest: "Summer and Swimsuits" (The Gray Garden) Yosafire - Intensly Laughing  :star:
:bulletpink: To view whole folder, view here: PlumAppleJuice (Mascot):

:star: Maria Sutterfield:

OC Contest(1100+ watchers)EDIT:

heya so I have 1100+ watchers now!!! firstly thank you soooo much! I love all of you~
and now its time to celebrate with a contest!!
so here we go~
*also i am soooo sorry if i comment and advertise this contest, if you dont wish to enter, then just ignore it~
oh and if you have anyyyyy questions, just ask!!!

- this is an OC contest, so the image must have at least 1 of my OCs in
- when your entry is done, either mention me in the description or comment your entry in the journal otherwise I can't see your entry and won't know you've done one!
- It must be YOUR art! stealing and tracing will be disqualified, so your entries only~
- you may submit as many entries as you please however only one can win a place
- it would be lovely if people advertised this contest~<33 like a journal or sp

Draw My OC's CONTEST! [EXTENDED DEADLINE]Reminder that Deadline was extended, and that you can still enter!
Current Status: We've reached 15 contestant and 3 entries! WOO!
HelLo EveRyBodY!
First there was a raffle, now there's a CONTEST! I figured it's a good time since even if finals time isn't officially over, it's in a stage where I can make a contest with a reasonable deadline that'll be after my last project turn in :3c
So as the title reads ever so clearly, I'm making an OC contest since I have been neglecting my OC's a bit due to lack of creative flow~
I will divide them into categories based on the plots they belong to for the sake of order, but the judging will be over all and not per category
Apocalypse Survivors:
General Hazard and "Zee Stealth"/Viper Alpha, originally spawned from a Romantically Apocalyptic OC contest and developed a personality of their own, wi

Draw my Oc Contest!Contest!
Basically you will be drawing one of my 3 ocs down there (or you can draw them all together if you want) in one of these themes:Maid,Mystical,Pirate or Royalty.

1st place:A portrait painting and drawing of your choice,14 points,And a llama
2nd place:A portrait painting and drawing of your choice and a llama.
3rd place:A portrait painting and drawing of your choice
Deadline: September 5th
How to enter:Leave submission in the comments or send it to me in a note 

CONTEST: DRAW MY OC'SHi there! I finally got some points to anounce my first ever contest, the theme is very simple. Draw my OC's! Mind that you are allowed to draw more than one of my characters in your contest entry and you're also allowed to change their outfit if you'd like. I don't wanna restrict your imagination, so yeah! Be creative!!!
IMPORTANT! If somoene needs extra information about a character of mine feel free to ask me!
Also be sure to check the list of my OC's for updates, thank you.
List of my OC's:


1. You must watching me to enter the contest.
2. Only one contest entry per contestant will be allowed.
3. Contest entries must be original art made by you.
4. NSFW/Hentai/Yiff/Gore won't be allowed.
5. Mature/Ecchi is allowed.
6. You can draw more than one OC in your contest entry.
7. You can draw my OC's with different outfits.
8. To be

Draw my OC's contest (points + commissions,OPEN)Edit: -new references 
-Extended the deadline. If some of u could maybe make a journal about this so more ppl can join, that would be great!
Ok so this contest is about u guys and gals drawing one (or more) of my OC's, with one exception and that is that one character is by FA-Brony 
-contest ends 20.August 2015. (EXTENDED)-
(if It's a last second entry ask me to give u more time)
--there will be 3 places--
1. 300 Points + commission
2. 150 Points + commission
3. 20 Points + commission
-And everyone who participates gets a llama badge! :omgomg: llama.-
Me and FA-Brony will be doing the commissions


1. Watch me Added to my devWatch! and :iconfa-brony:

CONTEST - Draw my OCs (6000 points!) |OPEN|[WILL BE UPDATED OFTEN]
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT !! I've gone through my tag here on DA and I discover 2 entries from weeks that
DA didn't notify me about.... PLEASE, PLEASE ! TAG + NOTE ME for your entry if you can !! 
Don't want to miss any //cries
Hi everyone ! Q///Q I'm so happy to announce my first contest !!
Thanks to the kind support, I'm loving what I currently do,
Star! R U L E S Star!
• This is an art contest, every art is accepted (cosplays and comics too !), even NSFW, as soon as it's yours c:
• No bases use allowed.
• Link/note me once your entry is done, or add my username in the description so I won't miss it !
• Don't be a jerk to others participants, please ♥
• Don't submit litterature, thank you andsorryfor

Cysh Summer Art Contest (IMPORTANT CHANGE)Deadlline extended to September 30th. I apologize, gives people an extra month to finish it up and me an extra month to prepare the prizes properly~
05/08-15 - Due to deviantART's sudden changes and HIGH INCREASE in the pricing for their subscriptions I do not want to support them by buying subscriptions as prizes. Therefore I have tried to make the prizes reflect what they were when I started the contest, with more prizes in hard cash to the winners, so you can spend it on anything you want!
Greetings, seeing as I have never done this before I am hoping this will at least turn into some part of a success. This contest is for summer themed art. I will put down the details on how to enter and of course what the requirements are…Then the thing people most likely are most excited about, the prizes.
THEME: Summer, basically the art must got something to do with the summer. Think, bikinis, beaches, barbeque, J

Third Draw my OC contest! *Winners Announced!*Deadline: July 31, 2015 Midnight CST 
3rd place: :iconmarinasanc: with

Wonderful painting style that perfectly conveys Larissa's grace and elegance. 
2nd place: :iconcaptain-gelowaggle: with

Out of all the group entries, this is really stood out to me. I love how the two interacted with each other and how the artist mixed their representative colors together in a fusion like manner.  
1st place: :iconhollowheartlessizsak: with

Downright beautiful. Most of my praise is towards how well the artist drew Shani's shadow dress and wings with the background. 
And that ends my third contest! I hope you all enjoyed it to the end! There were plenty of wonderfully drawn pieces, you all have done a fantastic job!
If you want to try your luck again (or missed this one), my fourth draw my oc contest is open right now: 

Draw my OC Contest OPEN UPDATE!! *UPDATE 1* !!
Since I'm very busy irl, I'm not online as much as I used to be. But I will be again in a month or so.
Because of this and my new work, and because I really do want to give everyone more time, I'll be changing the deadline.
The deadline will be set to the 20th of September!!
I hope everyone reads this ;3;. And, again, you don't have to ask if you can join, ofcourse you can!! :iconsupertighthugplz:
+ Got some new prizes too!!! :heart:
Hello people!
I'm opening up a contest. It's my first contest ever, so if anyone would like to help etc. please do!
I'm kind of nervous about it, but I'll give it a shot!! :iconpapcryplz:
I've saved up a lot of points and I'd like to use them ;3;
Alright, here we go:
It's a draw my Naruto OC's contest *cheers* !!
These are my Naruto OC's and their reference's:
- Chiyo Yuzuki: 
- Suiren Satomi: 
<b wytiwyg="1">

My Contest - EXTENDED (again) till 7-7-15Thank you guys for a wonderful couple of months!
This is a contest by me (:icondemadopts3:) and :iconsugarmonster46: 
here are the rules:
you can draw any of our OCs listed below
babes are allowed (because I love them and hate it when they arent allowed lol)
This will end in one month so on August 7th!!! New 
please link us as the creators of the characters (this will help us see it)
and link it in the comments :)
share this journal / contest! or else your entry wont count sorry
you dont have to ask to enter just do it haha
I may add more rules later...honestly I cant think of anymore
me and Sugar will judge together and we will judge based on
skill / overall quality
your entry can be any medium just if it isnt digital please have a good picture of it if not we might not see all the detail :(
First place
3 customs from me
2 paintings from me
3 sketch

HIATUS!!.:$100 prize Let's get Dangerous Contest:.PLEASE READ!!!!
First entry!
hey guys, for those who are entering when you send it to me, send a note PLEASSSEEE! :heart: My messages get lost all the time and I never kno if anyone answers back cause I get so many :/ so let me know!
Well here it last contest ever. And the strange part is...I'm actually kind of sad. I thought everything would be different that everything is done and almost out, I'm excited and scared at the same time..but! I won't dwell on old sentiments! I'll be looking forward to everything new! :heart: (I'm actually going through and giving people their points for the old contest so it should be done by this weekend) I'm finally back on my feet. I can handle everything C: 
So! Here it is! Bleu's last Contest. She's not going to be flaky on this one because it means a lot to her and she's making the prize worth it. :heart: She's also going to pay

Draw my OC contest ~ [OPEN]Hello :iconmisakiciaoplz: Welcome to my first contest ;v; And thanks for the 100+ watchers :iconmoeblushplz: Hope you will have fun ;o;
People asking for an update of the deadline ;v; (Total of 10 xD , and 3 friends of mine) so deadline is updated! ^v^ I will add some prizes too, just to say sorry for the ones waiting for the ending ;v;
Deadline: 10/08/2015
Please, do not make NSFW or Gore arts, Katie is an extremely Shy OC,and she hates gore >.<
You don't have to be a watcher to partecipate, but if you like my arts you can watch me u.u
You can't use bases, trace, or copy other users's entries! ;v;
How to join:
Make an Art about my OC Katie, it can contain you're OCs too :3! It can be:
Pixel Art
Anything else ^v^
Here she is ^v^ You will have to draw her! You're free to change her Dress, but you can'

contest(Uzumaki sisters/couples) designed outfits1 month left
How can you join?

Read the rules if you are interested, if you finished your entry please upload it and comment with a link to your art. Done!
01. You don't need to be a watcher. It would be great if you favorite the journal and share it if you like, I would be glad if you do! ;v;
02. Format of the art/entry: halfbody until fullbody picture, a background,chibi whatever,couples together,sister together
03. You need to draw everything with your own hands, they don't have outfits for genin,chunin,naruto the last movie,pregnant or motherhood,so if you want you designed them one of those!
04. People who may have donated something still participate.
05. Any kind of style is allowed, for example: cell-shade, realistic, semi realistic, flat color, sketchy and so on.

Contest! (Cash/point prizes)*New prizes added*1 month left!
 Deadline is September 3rd 2015 
~Our anniversary~

:bulletblue: Draw my Panda and Dzrtbtrfly15's Cat together. :bulletblue:
They can be doing anything, as long as they're together! They are a couple, so yes they can kiss, hug, etc.

Just click^
:bulletblue: Things to note :bulletblue:
 Cat is tan! (not black, but tan! She is Native American/Korean)
 Panda loves all things cute and frilly, but she doesn't really like wearing pink.
 Cat is into punk style clothing, but she can dress cute too!
 The color in their hair is optional. If it clashes with your art, you don't have to include it.
 They both enjoy playing video games, reading, drawing; Cat loves coffee and tea, while Panda really enjoys sweets!

Will add more later. :)




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